Family & Adventure

in Goldegg am See
Familie & Erlebnis
Pleasure & Romance

in Goldegg am See
Genuss & Romantik
Culture & Tradition

in Goldegg am See
Kultur & Tradition

in Goldegg am See

Peace, relaxation
& alpine wellness
in Goldegg am See in Salzburger Land

The peace and quiet that surrounds Goldegg in the middle of the mountains is incredible. It is just the way we imagined it would be. The whole year is about going at one hundred miles an hour. Our jobs and careers take a lot of energy from us. But for now it is holiday time in Austria and time to switch off. Change gear, log out and pull the plug. Luckily, we have come to Goldegg, here we can completely relax; the locals of Goldegg have not promised too much.

Urlaub in Goldegg Salzburg Austria

Wellness & well-being
in the middle of nature

The region around Goldegg is our wellness area. Take deep breaths while walking through the forest and fields. Gently rolling hills, hiking trails, cycling routes and mountain paths are our gym. Nature is our quiet room and we enjoy the views of the surrounding mountains without a pane of glass. In the middle of the countryside you can find the Goldegg moor lake. Dive in, refresh and enjoy. The moor lake gets up to 26 degrees in the summer which means relaxation pure. With the high quality of the water, it is one of the most natural and healthiest swimming lakes far and wide.

Travelled far and returned

Not just people who have come from far away come to visit Goldegg for recreation and relaxation. A lot of locals, that had once set out to travel the world, have come back to our wonderful village. It must be the incomparable mix of nature, culture, relaxation and recreation that you do not find in a lot of other villages. Eva Pronebner also knows this. The young woman from Goldegg left Goldegg to travel the world and find her place in this world. That place turned out to be Goldegg. Eva is also responsible for your relaxation. In summer she runs the Böndlsee lake and is in charge of the buffet and the sunbathing lawn. You could meet Eva and have a chat with her as to why Goldegg is the most beautiful place in the world. Meet the people of Goldegg and let them convince you. For pure enjoyment and relaxation you need nature in its original form, rest and a bit of seclusion. All of this you can find in Goldegg in Pongau. For more information call our guest service on: Tel.Nr. +43 (0) 6415 / 8131. We are looking forward to welcoming you as our guest in Goldegg.

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