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in Goldegg am See
Familie & Erlebnis
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in Goldegg am See
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in Goldegg am See
Kultur & Tradition

The Goldegg Dialogues
body, spirit & communication

Open discussions & working together
a meeting place

For over more than 20 years there has been an open dialogue in Goldegg and a reciprocal exchange has been cultivated. The Goldegg Dialogues were founded in 1982 by the cultural association Schloss Goldegg, the medical association of Salzburg, the ORF and the community of Goldegg. According to the motto ’’health can be learnt’’ the following aspects are important: the unity of body, spirit and soul and their interactions.

Goldegg dialogues

Knowledge, understanding & exchange

And all of this in the alpine ambience of our lovely part of nature. The ambience is harmonious. The castle of Goldegg is a very worthy location and offers a great stage for experts and professionals the world over. The natural region of Salzburger Land creates the atmosphere; the view of the mountains clears the mind and makes room for the new. The Goldegg Dialogues are a gathering for people who are open-minded and want to take their lives in a healthier and more positive direction.

Goldegg dialogues

A worthy location
for encounters and culture

The castle of Goldegg is the home of the Goldegg Dialogues. In the awe-inspiring walls of the castle you can go to concerts, exhibitions, reading, cabaret evenings, film screenings and much more. The castle that dates from the 14th century was originally a fortified castle. And until this day you can still see historical artifacts within its walls. The knight’s hall is a highlight. In combination with modern technology and modern day architecture the Goldegg castle is an incredible location for the Goldegg Dialogues. Whether you’re taking part in a seminar or have decided to get married.

Open your heart and soul and join the Goldegg Dialogues at the castle of Goldegg. Become part of exciting conversations, discussion groups and take all the knowledge home with you.

For more information about the Goldegg Dialogues, overnight stays and culinary trips call our guest service on: Tel.Nr. +43 (0) 6415 / 8131. We are looking forward to welcoming you as our guest in Goldegg.